Badlanders Apk+OBB (MOD Features Invincible Character)

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Badlanders is a multiplayer browser game in which you compete with other players for the top prizes. The players are grouped based on their location and the game is set in a city named Badlands. The game has a single-player campaign too but it can be played alone too. The player has to shoot at the targets set before them and defend the city from the Badlanders.

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Badlanders mod apk

Badlanders mod apk is one of the most popular addons that let you enjoy the thrill and adventure of the Badlanders game. This mod gives you an excellent arsenal with which to battle Badlanders. You can use this arsenal in various ways to take down your Badlanders and gain the upper hand over this game.

Arsenal Features

This arsenal features a number of weapons like the blowpipe, flail, axe, mace, stick, hammer, bow, and arrows. These are available in different types and are ideal for ensuring that you get as much damage as you can against your badlands. You can choose to use all of these weapons or just a few of them depending on your preferences. You can even mix and match these weapons so that you can surprise your opponents with your moves and style.

Challenging Mission

Badlanders apk is an add-on that allows you to enjoy the thrill and adventure of the Badlanders game while augmenting its content with an assortment of exciting features. You can play the campaign on a challenging mission or opt to go on a self-venture mission. In the campaign mode, you will find yourself in the center of a struggle against an army of Badlanders.

The Badlanders apk is fully compatible with the Google Android mobile phone. You just need to download the mod and install it on your phone to enjoy the exciting features of Badlanders.

Customize Your Badlanders

The Badlanders mod apk also allows you to customize your Badlanders so that you can build up their strength and weapons according to your preference. You can equip Badlanders with modern weapons such as the rocket launcher, flamethrower, miniguns, and homing missiles.

You can also equip your Badlanders with old rusty weapons such as rusty swords and rusty guns. You can increase the power of each weapon by spending some energy points and using them wisely during combat.

Surrounding Environment

Another exciting feature of the Badlanders apk is that it allows you to interact with the surrounding environment. You can scan the surroundings using the Android Geotone and turn them into the data that helps you level up your Badlanders. You can also find ancient tablets that are located inside the Badlanders’ stronghold. These tablets contain information about the Badlanders and their position in society.

Once you learn all about the ancient tablets, you will be able to build up your own Badlanders squad armed with the latest weapons and armors.

Save Earth

Badlanders mod apk is an action game that is perfect for people who love strategy games with exciting combat scenes. The Badlanders are on a mission to save Earth and take over the Independence Day festival. As the leader of the Badlanders, you have the ability to command your team of Badlanders and use different strategies to win over the enemies.

Spanish Armada

The story is based on a historical account wherein Badlander John Johnson destroyed the Spanish Armada. The Badlanders must prevent the evil General Ignacio Zaragoza from taking over the Independence Day celebrations and stop him from unleashing his plan to attack the Earth.


Badlanders apk has many exciting features which allow you to enjoy playing the game without any boredom. The game can be played within minutes and you will never run out of ideas to use against the enemy. Once you install the Badlanders mod on your android device, you can immediately start the game.

As you fight with the badgers, you collect gold and spend it to replenish your armory. Badlanders mod is very easy to play and is designed specifically for those individuals who are looking for enjoyable online games without having to sit in front of their computer for hours.

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