Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble Apk (MOD Features unlimited money)

Bad Girls Wrestling is a game on Google Play, which is like an application that you can load onto your Android device and have access to. The game features all sorts of wrestlers and brawlers from all over the world. It is also a very fun game as you play against the computer in a bid to be the best wrestler or the baddest fighter in the world.

If you love wrestling games the good news is that you can download Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble, which has all of the content that the game has, and loads it onto your phone so you can have access to it whenever you want without any effort.

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Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble

Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble modifies the traditional wrestling game by adding a lot of fresh content. New fighting modes have been added along with the previously released arcade mode. All modes are designed to put the player into the ring with new wrestlers who are just as tough and exciting as the competition.

New features such as sharing and unlocking special moves, earning credits for winning, and getting gifts for winning are just a few of the many new features this fighting game offers.

Multiple Modes

The fighting game has multiple modes including Vs. Mode, which pits the girls against each other in a fight to the death. There is also a tutorial mode that teaches you the basics of the fighting game before going into the actual fights. There are two teams in the fighting game with one team on offense and the other team defending. The offense has three different moves which all have varying results depending on how they are executed.

Story Mode

Some of the game modes include the following: Story mode, Endless mode, and arcade mode. Story mode allows you to jump right into the action with no real risk except for a bit of time (and an ending). Endless mode puts you in the middle of a conflict between two rivals in order to gain points and move up the ranks.

Arcade mode puts you in the ring against the Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble. While this mode doesn’t have any real end goal, it still gives you the chance to display your skills in a friendly setting against some of the worst wrestlers in the game.

Endless Mode

In the Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble, you have the opportunity to display your athletic skills in a fun and intense game mode against all of the female gladiators. Each female gladiator has a specific strength and weaknesses that you must exploit in order to knock them out.

For example, the B-List female gladiator has a very high defense, but she is an excellent fighter. You can boost this defense by picking up the right moves and using the right weapons.

Arcade Mode

Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble comes with two variations: arcade and campaign. The arcade mode puts you in the ring against the bad girls in order to collect bonus points. There are several unlockables available, including alternate costumes for the wrestlers and special “throwback” outfits for the female wrestlers. The campaign mode puts you in the center of the action, where you must defeat each of the bad girls in the ring to move on to the next stage.

Game Modes

Each of the Bad Girls Wrestling game modes can be played single-player or versus, and you can switch between them at any time during gameplay. You can also purchase additional characters to add to the mix of the game modes. You can purchase the Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble Pro membership,

which provides access to the entire roster of bad girls and their moves in the game. The Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble Pro membership also includes access to a special bonus mode that gives you even more fun!


We all know that women love getting rough, so the Bad Girls Wrestling game provides a great opportunity to enjoy playing a rough and tumble ladies’ fight. If you have a few minutes to spare, why not check out this new fighting game?

Not only will you find it loads of fun, but you will have a blast unlocking the exclusive costumes for the bad girls. The more you purchase the better the offers become, so don’t delay, start collecting those bonus points today!


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