Awakening Horror 1-5 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Awakening Horror is one of the most exciting free horror games on Android. It is one of the best horror Escape games available. I had a lot of doubts when I first installed it. How will I survive in this dark and mysterious place? What are the features of this wonderful game?

To start with, Awakening Horror 1-5 is a first-person hidden object adventure game, with beautiful graphics and some great sound effects. There is a very simple story in this hidden-object puzzle game.

AWAKENING apk comes with a number of different episodes, each episode contains many different puzzles solving mini-games, and also several mysteries to solve. These mysteries are based on paranormal phenomena and you will have to discover them by investigating several locations in the ghost city.

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Awakening Horror 1-5

You can listen to the stories of the main character as he solves the mini-games and mysteries in this action game. Some of these main characters are Jack, who is a professional ghost hunter; Rose, a young girl who is struggling with her tragic past; Helen, a psychologist; and Stephanie, a special needs child. Each of them has its own special traits and you will feel drawn to them easily.

The puzzles are varied and not boring and easy like many action games. The whole point of this game is to uncover the mystery, discover the answers and escape from the creepy city of Awakening Horror.

Sound Effects

Another thing that makes Awakening Horror 1-5 a pleasurable game is its excellent sound effects and superb graphics. The story of this horror game revolves around a haunted house wherein you as the main character have to investigate several locations in order to gather information about the mansion’s current condition and what lies within it.

Prologue Regarding

When you start the game you are given a short prologue regarding a tragic family affair that left three young girls dead. They are now haunted by the spirits of their dead friends and you as the main character have to use your skills and wits in order to get out of the house before it slips away into darkness. In order to do that, you will be collecting items and filling the various jars with objects inside them, each jar represents one object in the story.

Things To Collect

As you progress through the game you will find more things to collect as you go along. The environments are quite eerie and very dark as the house of Rising Horror is situated in the middle of an endless field of corn. There are several dark rooms as well as corridors ahead of you that will contain the items and secrets required to progress further into the action game.

During the course of the game, you will also meet the main character, who is required to save the three girls who were caught in the web of mystery. The storyline is extremely creepy and scary, the graphics and audio in particular really create an atmosphere of unease.

Thrilling Moments

The action games part of the game includes several thrilling moments and puzzles which will make you lose your breath as you take pleasure in them. If you are fond of adventure, then the first-person perspective of the tale of awakening horror 1-5 will give you an adrenaline rush as you move from room to room and interact with the several puzzles and characters that will cross your path.

Useful Tips

The puzzles are designed in such a manner that they challenge your brain while offering wonderful opportunities to develop your abilities at the same time. You also get the opportunity to learn some useful tips and tricks as well in the process.

Exciting Puzzles

Apart from the exciting storyline and the exciting puzzles, the mod also offers a host of exciting features. One of the most popular ones is the mod’s quest system, which is based on real-time strategy gaming principles. Another feature of the mod is the auto-play mode, which enables you to select the ideal time to level up your character, according to the scenario you chose to play.

Some of the other exciting features include randomly generated quests, hidden items, customizable character sheets, adjustable graphics, and more.


If you love action games with a ghostly twist, then this is one of the best-selling horror stories on the internet. With all its innovative features, this game provides an experience you’ve never had before. So, if you are looking for an exciting mystery adventure with thrilling plot twists, then awaken your dreams and prepare to explore the exciting secrets of Awakening Horror 1-5, a unique free PC game by veteran game designer Christian Linden.


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