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Attack on Titan: Assault utilizes the latest in computer-assisted design technologies to provide a fast paced action game on the PSP platform. Attack on Titan, which is also commonly referred to simply as Attack on Titan, is the first anime adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series. The Attack on Titan manga originally started in serialized form in manga magazine Shogakai.

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Attack on Titan

The manga, written and illustrated by Tomoko Ninomiya, first introduced us to the world of Attack on Titan when it was released in the early weeks of 2021. Since then, Attack on Titan has grown to become one of the most popular licensed manga titles in the world. To date, Attack on Titan: Assault has been translated and re-published in English by Viz Media, in fourteen different volumes.

Assault Revolves

The story of Attack on Titan: Assault revolves around the conflict between the Trade Union and the Giant Machines. The main playable character in Attack on Titan: Assault though is a young girl known as Mari. Mari lives in the peaceful town of Volakia with her mother and younger sister Kiyomi. One day, while she and her family were out collecting firewood, they accidentally trapped a creature that came from another dimension in an iceberg called the Pale Ocean.

Colossal Creature

When the colossal creature woke up, it began to send waves of bullets and pellets at its location. In order to defend itself, Mari and her father, Alva, gathered several small objects from underneath the ocean and piled them up high into the air. This formed a giant barrier to protect the town. However, the Attack on Titan: Assault app was released in the Android Market soon after, which allows players to download the game for free from the Play Store.

World Map

In Attack on Titan: Assault, you can see the world map and various views of the various places included in the game. Moreover, you are also able to select the settings of the game, including the game type ( Arcade, Action, Role Playing, Vehicle Combat) and the graphics style (oggled, optimized, retina, etc). The android app developer has made the game compatible with most of the smart phones, including the iPhone and Blackberry. The free mobile Attack on Titan: Assault was downloaded hundreds of times within days of its release.

Assault apk

To download the Attack on Titan: Assault apk file, you need to have an internet connection. Then just find the desired Attack on Titan: Assault apk file from the Google Play Store. Then, install the program. Once it is installed, launch the program and follow the on screen instructions. In less than five minutes, you will be able to enjoy the highly entertaining game.


As a reward for your efforts in making Attack on Titan: Assault a successful program, Square Enix is releasing a free Attack on Titan: Assault mini-game as an additional bonus. This mini-game is fully compatible with the latest versions of android phones and tablets. However, this promotion is only applicable for selected users and while you are enjoying the free Attack on Titan: Assault mini-game, you can also download the third-party add-on for free.

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, then you will certainly love this opportunity to gain extra cash from the game’s developer. The Attack on Titan: Assault add-on can be downloaded for free right away at the Square Enix Android store.


There are many Attack on Titan: Assault cheats available in the free mobile game downloads. The one thing that you should remember about these cheat codes is that they are provided by third-party sources. Some people may have found the codes useful for overcoming some difficulties but it would still be inappropriate for you to try out these cheat codes in the playing field of Attack on Titan. The use of these cheat codes may void the warranty of your phone and may even put your phone at risk. You are advised to play Attack on Titan: Assault through the play store.

In summary, you can consider the application of Attack on Titan: Assault through the play store. It has all the features of the actual game. You can also consider the codes offered by third-party sources.

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