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Assault: Standoff FPS is a fictional tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Rebellion. The game involves the use of pistols, submachine guns and shotguns in third person view. The objective of the game is to kill the target as many times as possible without your weapon jamming or misfiring.

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Assault: Standoff FPS shooter is one of the two stand-alone shooters from Rebellion. The other is Defiance: Shoot ’em up where you have unlimited lives and unlimited ammo and weapons to fight off waves of enemies. These games are available for free on Play Station Portable (PSP) and Microsoft Windows. If you purchase Assault: Standoff FPS you will also be able to access the other two games for free.

Single player version

Assault: Standoff FPS shooter has both single player and multi-player modes. The single player version is quite similar to that of Assault on Xbox, however, the objective and gameplay are very different. The objective in single player mode in Assault: Standoff FPS shooter is to complete all objectives within a certain time period.


There are various difficulty levels in this game as well, starting off easy and then increasing the difficulty as you progress through the levels. The level’s difficulty levels are such that you will find it very challenging to complete them all without any mistakes.


For the Multiplayer mode in Assault: Standoff, you can choose to play with the keyboard or utilize the X keyboard buttons to perform functions. To change the weapons used in this mode, you can turn to the side or press the space bar. The score system in Assault: Standoff is based on kills.

You get a score out of your 5 kills and if your team reaches twenty-five kills before the timer runs out, you win the match.

First person view

Assault: Standoff FPS is a first person view game. In order to engage another character in the game, you have to first select them and then press the space bar to lock onto them and start attacking. The attacks are usually performed by using the mouse, though using the keyboard can sometimes be quicker and more precise.

Attack methods

The player can choose from various attack methods like punching, kicking, shooting, melee weapons and explosives. The player’s character also possesses various defense techniques, from covering themselves with walls to using guns and other objects against the attacker.


There are various weapons available for the player to use against their opponent. The character’s aim and ability to hit are determined by the type of weapon used and how powerful it is. This is one of the many elements in Assault: Standoff Fps that add a great deal of interactivity between the players.


It is a game in which you can help your team win, or you can continually attack your opponent to win the game. Each round in the game progresses differently, based on the actions of each character, and the score is determined by the team winning or losing.

Movement techniques

Assault: Standoff Fps is very much like most first person shooter games; there are some basic movement techniques and combat tactics involved, but most of the action takes place during the player’s actions. The objective is not clear right away, and the player must learn to master the various techniques and strategies that work best for him or her.

There are many unlockable options as well, that further increase the amount of depth that the game offers. The game is highly competitive, so it’s important to make sure you practice often and play with friends to stay sharp.


Assault: Standoff Fps is definitely not a game for the faint of heart or those who don’t enjoy much gaming. This game requires a lot of strategic thinking, and the more you know about the characters, the more successful you’ll be. If you haven’t played this type of game before, you’re probably in for a real treat. The controls are tight and solid, and the action is fast paced and exciting. Assault: Standoff Fps is definitely worth trying if you have a chance.

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