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When engaging in an armored combat situation, the first way most gamers come to grips with the game is the heavily armored vehicle. The real value of these vehicles in Armored Warfare: Assault is that they give heavy armor to the player and give greater mobility. No doubt about the number of different vehicles present in this game. A number of them include the following:

Surprise attacks

This type of vehicle is used mainly for scouting and surprise attacks. In addition to its powerful armor, it also has machine guns, smoke grenades, RPGs, and many other tools to make the enemy feel discomfited and vulnerable.

Armored Vehicles

Another type of vehicle that one could make use of is the APC or the Armored Vehicles Carrier. These vehicles are used for transportation, scouting, and carrying troops. They can also attack enemy positions and do a considerable amount of damage to the enemy without suffering any injuries.

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Although the tanks in Armored Warfare: Assault are primarily used for scouting and surprise attacks, some of them can be used for self-protection. A common cause is the usage of the armored warfare vehicle as a barricade against incoming attacks. However, these vehicles are best used for defending your position rather than attacking. For this, you need other vehicles in addition to the regular tanks to ensure that the enemy cannot penetrate your lines.

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