Armed Heist Apk (MOD Features Immortal killing)


Armed Heist is an exciting concept that combines real-life military tactics with the game play style of a modern heist film. Players assume the role of a professional thief who must escape from a certain location on the map by finding a way through a series of obstacles
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October 1, 2022
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Armed Heist is an exciting concept that combines real-life military tactics with the gameplay style of a modern heist film. Players assume the role of a professional thief who must escape from a certain location on the map by finding a way through a series of obstacles and puzzles. Armed Heist is a mod for CounterStrike, which is one of the most popular online multiplayer games.

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Armed Heist

Armed Heist mod is used to modify the CounterStrike server so that players can use their own tactics and skills to overcome the enemies. In order to successfully complete tasks, giving precise timing, careful planning, combat practice, and the acquisition of specific equipment will be needed.

Armed Heist mod

Armed Heist mod is actually a series of mods. There is the Armed Heist pistol mod, which allows the player to increase the firing rate and accuracy of pistols. Armed Heist Mod enables the use of certain sidearms, as well as other special effects and tweaks for the weapon balancing.

The bandit gun mod allows players to change the default gun used by the robbers. This allows players to adapt the weapon to personal needs and preferences.

Bandit Crew

One of the coolest aspects of the mod is that it makes every player a member of the bandit crew, hence the name “bandit crew” or “bandit group.” A player can customize his own attire and add unique features to the characters like sunglasses, gas masks, voice, and more. In the tutorial section, the mod helps you build up your character by providing information on the weaponry and character traits.

You will also get tips on how to complete heists quickly and how to overcome difficult situations in order to obtain higher scores. Armed Heist also has a tutorial section where you will learn the necessary commands and tips for playing the mod in the best possible way.

Armed Heist Features

Armed Heist features a variety of unique features not present in other similar games. For instance, in this game, players are allowed to choose between three different starting weapons. These include the SMG, Pistol and shotgun, which gives the player plenty of options to choose from when choosing weapons to begin with.

This helps increase the survival element of the gameplay, making robbing more of a challenge, since using the wrong weapon can mean the difference between life and death.

Combat Training Mod

Another great feature of the mod is that it includes a combat training mode, which provides additional help in using both the SMG and the Pistol. This mode can be accessed by switching to the Armed Heist Options menu, which includes options such as combat training, which will enable the player to receive proper combat training from three types of instructors:

the boxer, the sniper, and the combat trainer. This will allow the player to learn advanced fighting techniques in both offense and defense, which will prove useful when robbing banks.

Unique Weapons

The mod also features an array of unique weapons such as the crowbar and the Combat Axe, which are perfect for combat training. The Combat Axe can be modified in two ways: it can be made stronger through weapon upgrades or it can be converted into an additional weapon. With the addition of an ax, the player will have even greater chances of getting at and thus robbing, the money in the bank.

A further added benefit of using the combat training weapon is that it does not need to be repaired often, so players can save on repairs costs.

Adreno Graphics Library

The Armed Heist mod also offers two versions for users on the Android Market. The “normal” (free) version is suitable for users on any Android-powered smartphone. However, the “pro” version is only compatible with some of the most popular Android handsets: namely, the iPhone and the HTC iPhone.

Support Package

This is because the mod version needs the use of certain files from the Android Market, specifically the libra support package and the Adreno dependable source code for the Adreno graphics library. Google has provided these to ensure that the mod version runs flawlessly on the Android devices that support these files.


The Armed Heist mod is not just limited to robbing banks. It also allows the player to train his characters in all the possible special skills that are available in the God Mode feature. For example, one can equip the thief with a mini-gun and use it against waves of armored soldiers sent to rob the bank.

Likewise, the thief can also rob the soldiers before the heists even begin by placing God Mode items around the map, which will turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor.


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