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ARK Survival Evolved is an exciting single-player action-adventure game in which you get to survive in a mysterious aquatic planet full of hostile dinosaurs. You get to build up your civilization by collecting different resources and weapons from the island.

The story revolves around a massive volcanic explosion that devastated the surface of the island, leaving a large number of dead zombies and massive pollution that wiped out the life on the island.

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ARK Survival Evolved

survivors who survived the initial onslaught of zombies later developed a strong sense of community that lasted for decades until a massive attack by the pirates destroy the remaining dinosaurs. Now it is up to you to help the remaining survivors from the island to fight against the pirates, restore order in the island, fight for your home, and save as many dinosaurs as possible.

Mod Pack

This mod pack adds a few new features to ARK Survival Evolved. It includes the Arke Ark Survival Generator, which allows you to build a supply center on the island to collect resources and weapons.

The generator can store energy, allowing you to regenerate. You can also use this energy to power your armor, allowing you to regenerate more quickly. Other additions include the Survivalist perk, which gives you a chance to gain a higher level of energy.

Positive Reviews

ARK Survival Evolved has received many positive reviews, including one from my editor. I liked the look and gameplay but felt that there were a couple of weak points such as not having any vehicles to crash into the ocean. The prehistoric time’s theme is nice, but the dinosaurs looked a little flat and some of their models just didn’t look real.

Popular Feature

Another popular feature of ARK Survival Evolved is the new island location, which allows you to escape from the island and explore the mainland. Although the island itself is gorgeous, it does have some bugs.

I managed to crash my character several times while trying to explore, and it was quite frustrating. Other than that, the island features excellent scenery and a few different dinosaurs to kill. It doesn’t have many exciting features, but it’s still a fun download.

Themed Adventure

ARK Survival Evolved is not the only prehistoric-themed adventure game on the market. On top of ARK Survival Evolved, you can also download the prehistoric fantasy game The Chronicles of the rift. This is a very similar game to ARK Survival Evolved, except with a more fantasy theme. If you enjoy dinosaurs, this is definitely a better download.

Chronicles ofrift

For those who do not want to have to use your Facebook account, or have a mobile phone that does not support the Java plugin, The Chronicles ofrift is an excellent alternative. It also has an island to explore, as well as an ability to hack and attack. Unlike ARK Survival Evolved, The Chronicles ofrift has an unlimited amber supply. This means that you can collect and stock up on the creatures that are rare in the game.

Dinosaur Zoo

If you prefer an action-filled, “dinosaur zoo type” type of game, then ARK Survival Evolved mod apk for android is for you. It is completely free, and there are over forty different species of dinosaurs to see and hunt. You can find and kill them, and even cook them (using the provided ingredients). This makes it easier to have something to eat when you run out of food in the game because you know exactly what kind of creature will be around at that time.


If you enjoyed The Chronicles ofrift, then you will love ARK Survival Evolved. It takes place in prehistoric times, before the extinction of dinosaurs. The goal of the game is to protect the prehistoric world from being destroyed by a group of monsters.

If you like the idea of going camping in the woods, then this is definitely a must-try download. The graphics are top notch, the controls work great, and you can literally spend hours on playing.

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