Argo’s Choice Visual Novel Apk (Mod Features Unlimited tickets)


Argos Choice is the newest entry in the Argos Games universe. It is a visual novel, which means it’s more of a “choose your own adventure” visual novel than other visual novels. If you don’t want to jump right into a visual novel, this one isn’t for you, but it has enough good points to make it worth playing even if you’re not a fan of visual novels. That’s why I’m including this review.

Argos Choice

Argos Choice is a visual novel game about a young woman called Alice who lives in a small town with a thriving small industry. Her father works away from home, working on an experimental virus that could change humans’ abilities to telepathy. One day, Alice gets a visit from her grandmother, who wants Alice to see some new movies that her grandchild made to honor his departed wife.

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Argo’s Choice Visual Novel Apk Free Download

When Alice goes to the bookstore to watch the movie, she’s suddenly transported into the movie’s world, complete with her own desk, laptop, and television. While Alice is stuck in this alternate version of her life, a mysterious stranger attacks her, forcing her to start her search for her own life again.

Novel Formula

Argos Choice Visual Novel Mod Apk follows the usual visual novel formula, where the game starts with a “promise” that something bad will happen, then reveals part of the story to the player after the ending credits roll. This time, however, the bad thing that Alice must face won’t be a monster or spider or a clockwork monster.

It’ll be her father. And he’s after something called the ” Resonance Key,” which is apparently the key to Alice’s ability to control her own mind. Anyway, her dad runs off with the Resonance Key, and Alice is left with an important quest: find out what the key can do for her.

Charming Visual

Argos Choice Visual Novel Mod Apk is actually a very charming visual novel. It’s very well-written, with excellent voice acting and excellent art design. The storyline is relatively simple and easy to follow. Alice is a young girl who lives in a peaceful town with other children.

Argo’s Choice Visual Novel Apk Download

One day, a strange boy named Gabriel arrives asking for help for a girl who had gone missing. After helping the girl and getting himself kidnapped, Alice ends up on a mystery trip, where she meets up with the son of the man who had taken his daughter.


It’s a simple visual novel, so expect the game to start slow and grow increasingly interesting as you get hooked and immersed in it. The story itself is quite short, yet the scenes are all very graphic and realistic. It’s also very well-paced. Some parts of the visual novel are cut-off because it can get quite long at some points. However, I don’t think it loses any of its appeals because it’s short and scintillating.

Different Scenes

The game progresses through a lot of different scenes, as you investigate each location and do events that are relevant to the plot. You also have a variety of different endings, depending on how you react and make choices within the game. Each of them is unique, which I think makes them more fun and emotional to play and read. Argos Choice visual novel Mod Apk is well worth your time, especially if you like vNs or visual novels in general.

Argo’s Choice Visual Novel Download Mod Apk

Positive Things

There are many positive things I have to say about this visual novel. For starters, the story is extremely captivating and moving. It grabs you by the hand and doesn’t let go until you find out what happens next. As I mentioned earlier, the story is short, but it still holds your interest until the end. Aside from that, the visual novel is extremely well-made, using a lot of visual images.


If you enjoy visual novels, I definitely suggest giving Argos Choice a try. It’s an easy game to play, with very little content. But that shouldn’t matter because the story is great and the graphics are quite good. It’s also worth your time, especially if you like endings that affect the way the game plays out. Don’t hesitate to download this game and give it a whirl. You won’t be disappointed at all!

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