Arena Of survivors Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo)

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Arena Of survivors is not just the latest battle royal game! The huge epic potential for memorable survival further extends beyond your everyday first-person perspective with your very own highly top-down action shooting scene. Join the final frontier and conquer new highs in the highly competitive multiplayer shooting genre which has captivated millions of online players around the globe.

Arena Of survivors mod apk can give you that extra push to make it through those dreaded last-minute missions as well as other last-minute stressful situations in Arena Of survivors.

Intense multiplayer

The mod provides a fast action paced game with intense multiplayer shooting action. There are many treasures to find while on the planetoid and many survivors to recruit. However, the inhabitants of this planet don’t know humans and so are rather hostile to any approaching invaders. You are their last line of defense against an impending invasion by the Gethras.

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Survive the Gethras’

Arena Of survivors mod apk gives you that extra push you need in order to survive the Gethras’ initial attacks. You will be needing more resources to gather and save the fallen crew members. They too will need some tools and you may find them as well as other items in the caves of Arena Of survivors.

Exciting features

The latest version of this action game has added some exciting features. New stages have been added to Arena Of survivors mod. These stages are more challenging and require advanced strategy skills and tactics.

New stages

Some of these new additions to this addictive arena-shoot out are: Dark Island, Canyon of Fear, Fractured Islands, Offshore Islands, Paradise, Cargo Bay and the newest one, the Arena Of survivors.

All these levels are designed to put your skill and strategic thinking to test. In fact, the whole experience is made more enjoyable and exciting with the latest apk version of Arena Of survivors.

Different weapons

To make your journey more interesting and challenging, Arena Of survivors mod also comes with an assortment of different weapons and armors to choose from. Each of these armors is based on some authentic designs of ships from around the world and even some that you don’t know about yet.

Chinese Wars

For example, you have the Chinese Wars era marine uniform. The outfits are well designed and complete with all the different patches and symbols that represent each of the different crews and groups that are part of the Arena Of survivors. The latest apk version has included over 40 new armors and weapons.

Action packed

When it comes to this action-packed mod, Arena Of survivors has a few different survival features too. It introduces a couple of minor characters that are trying to find a way to fight back against the Gethras. They include Jarek and Tyra, two survivors of the original crew that just escaped from the Gethras.

The two of them were presumed to be lost at sea with the rest of their crew and now they are desperately looking for a way to find their vessel and get back to land.

Popular additions

Another one of popular addition that was added in the latest version of the Arena Of survivors mod is the blind spot. The blind spot is basically a special skill or perk that allows the player to get away from enemy fire without being slowed down. This includes bullets and energy cells.

Move faster

Although the mod doesn’t mention how these work exactly, it can be assumed that players will be able to “tag” an enemy and be able to move faster than they normally would, making them much easier to defeat than if they were slowed by bullets.


There are actually many other unique features that Arena Of survivors mod features, but what we’re interested in is the blind spot. As we mentioned above, this perk is used to “tag” an enemy and make them much harder to pursue, as well as enabling you to move faster. This allows you to get back to being a victim quickly instead of having to slowly accumulate rounds and eventually be shot down.

This makes Arena Of survivors mod one of the most exciting games on the market, as players are constantly on the lookout for the blind spot to use against their enemies.

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