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Archers Tale is the latest free Android download and it’s now available for download. Created by critically acclaimed developer Knack, Archers Tale is the spiritual sequel/spinoff/portal to the hit video game Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. In The Wind Waker, Link finds himself in the world where he was first introduced to Zelda before being transported into the world of Hyrule. In this brand new version, players are once again transported back to the world where they first played the game.

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Archers Tale Mod

Players take on the roll of adventurer merchant Ilia, who finds himself stranded in Threel. His ship has been wrecked and he needs to survive while collecting all the spoils of his previous adventures in order to get home. While Ilia rests his aim against Hyrule and waits for his return, Link enters Hyrule for the first time ever. He is quickly dismayed by the cold, dark world that awaits him.

Mystery of Zelda

Archers Tale has all the charm and mystery of Zelda in a whole new package. Players never know what will happen next as they traverse Threel and its surroundings, encountering strange creatures and stranger places along the way. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Hyrule, where you save the Princess Zelda and face off against evil forces. If you are an adventure gamer, this game is not for you – but if you enjoy playing puzzling games, this one is a keeper.

Entirely in Threel

With a story that’s almost a rewrite of the original, the game takes place almost entirely in Threel. However, players still follow Link’s footsteps and quest through Threel, encountering a wide variety of obstacles along the way. When Link arrives in Threel, he’s in need of some magic power to open a door. What happens next will leave both Link and his newfound love, Princess Zelda, in suspense and comedy.

RPG with puzzle

Although it may seem like an RPG with puzzle solving and inventory management, it’s actually very different. Archers Tale has a nice balance of action and role playing elements. The story is told through text, which can be read by a keyboard or a PC, but can also be played on a handheld game device such as an iPhone or a tablet. The game is extremely light on text and graphics, and is largely set in the woods, where Link hides from his enemies.

little inventory items

Unlike most RPGs, Archers Tale has very little inventory items or abilities. Inventory items are used to create weapons for the player to use in battle, and players can buy armor, weapons, and magic for Link from shops found in various areas of the map. Inventory management is handled via the mouse, so it’s possible to simply drag and drop items onto your hands, rather than having to choose which item should be picked up.

Classic dungeon-crawler

Unlike many RPGs, Archers Tale doesn’t have an over-map instanced combat scene like the classic dungeon-crawler. There is, however, a boss battle against a huge, dangerous beast near the end of the game, which you must fight and kill to complete the game. The beast is tough, though not extremely difficult. It can easily be killed using ordinary weapons, although a bow is recommended. Although it can be tough, I found the lack of instanced battles and scripted characters very enjoyable.


Overall, the game is fun to play, though the graphics and music aren’t really something to get excited about. The story is interesting, and does a good job of conveying the mood and tone of the game. However, the lack of combat and inventory items make this game feel less like an adventure, more like a work. If you’re looking for an old-school role playing game that has good visuals and nice sound effects, this game is probably not worth playing. However, if you want to play an entertaining rpg with a nice storyline, this is a great game to check out.

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