Archero Apk (MOD Features Speed/Damage/Immortal)

Archero is a free action-packed, addictive game for smart mobile users which gives you lots of exciting challenges to face. The main focus of this game is on building up your character and improving it as you go on fighting different creatures, challenging bosses, and going up against friends or foes. You can build up your character to fight against other players online and challenge them on leader boards and adders.

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Archero is a free action game made especially for android users with a variety of exciting activities and features. This addictive game has unlimited creative challenges for all the levels in which the players must complete all the challenges and there are thousands of Maps for the players to enjoy playing on.

There are many Gods and monsters in this amazing action game to challenge and fight. These Gods and monsters have different powers, attributes, skills, abilities, and weaknesses.

God’s Power

During the game, you can unleash your God’s power to destroy your enemies, improve yourself, build up your skills, unleash special attacks and utilities, and much more. You can also collect gold and experience points to gain new weapons and equipment. The top-secret weapons and equipment used by the players are very powerful and have many miraculous abilities.

You can even buy these amazing God’s weapons, equipment, and abilities from the marketplace. However, if you are going to buy any of the above-mentioned items, it would be better if you purchase them from the Archery shop.

Fascinating Things

One of the most fascinating things about this game is that you do not have any lives. You just need to beat your enemy to death. You can easily learn how to kill your enemy by learning the various attack and defense moves and techniques of the game.

You can use your arrow keys to aim and fire your weapon by pressing the space bar. If you wish to continue your activities in the fight, you can also unleash your God’s special features like teleporting, hiding and leaping, etc.

Archero Store

When you purchase this amazing game from the Archero store, you will get a code that will allow you to download the Archero mod apk. This program will completely change the way your PC looks and feels. This amazing software will allow you to customize your computer by changing various settings in the APK file. Moreover, you can also make it run faster. All these features make the game very exciting. The developers have kept the prices of this software very low so that you can buy it with full pleasure.

Archero APK

You can play this amazing action-packed game on your desktop or laptop. However, if you wish to play it while you are traveling on your road, you can use your mobile phone. You can also connect to the internet anytime you want to play the game on your android device.

If you want to save the game regularly, you can install the in-built backup feature in the Archero APK. The in-built backup feature will ensure that you never miss a single shot of the action-packed shooting game.

Enemy Character

There are many levels in the game. To win the game, you must defeat all the enemy characters. You start playing as a weak archer and you have to defeat powerful enemy archers and dragon allies to win the game. However, you must defeat the evil wizardess Medusa who always tries to kill the archers.

In the later levels, you will have lots of options to choose from. You can choose to play as the evil Orcs, the evil Sphinx, and the evil Cyclops to defeat your enemies.


In order to become a master of the bow and shoot, you must purchase some upgrades of the weapons and buy some gems. In addition to that, you must purchase the spells of healing, defense, and even the special move of the archer. The spells will help you to be more powerful when fighting your enemies. Purchase all the gem and currency packs of Archero and become an expert on this mod.


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