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The Arcade Rabbit is an extremely fun, a little crazy, but very exciting arcade action game with great graphical effects and dynamic gameplay which requires serious concentration and serenity for the players. Players are presented with 7 different heroes, over 200 kinds of ammunition and objects for you to battle with, and a totally random dungeon generation system.

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Concept of rescue

The game basically revolves around the concept of rescue, as you go through dungeons and fight with bosses, unlocking their secrets as you progress through the levels. This game was created by the famous French developer, Les Cerbalians and was released in 2021 on the iPhone.

Hero of the game

The hero of the game, the Arcade Rabbit, has this magical ability to transform himself into different animals just like a real bunny. This way, he can move and perform tricks and attack his enemies without taking damage in return. There are a total of seven chapters in this arcade rabbit game and the player has to complete all of them in order to unlock the true power of the magical bunny.


You control the main character of the arcade rabbit in very simple ways. For example, if you would like to attack an enemy, just tap its head or tap its hind legs. If there is an object or a tile you would like to move, just drag it with your mouse or use the touch screen buttons.

Moreover, the game also includes several hidden items and power-ups that can turn the tide of battle in your favor, including the infamous “egg” and the flying “banana”.

Endless mode

The second part of this endless mode called “ondo of infinite bombs” is also quite interesting. In this part, you have to locate the goal in the dungeon, collect all the required items, and put them into the slot using the bombs. However, the goal itself is not easy to find as some rooms have objects blocking the exit that will explode once you enter them.

It’s a good idea to bring an ally to help you out in this mission. You will use the items and the bombs you collected in the previous part of the game to fight the bad guys and finish this level with a bang!

More action

A very popular mod for Android devices is the ” Arcade Rabbit Apk” mod. Unlike the original arcade rabbit game, you have two choices in playing with this version. The first one is for those who love cute rabbits while the second one is for those who want a more action-packed game.

Virtual Arcade

Both versions of the mod have a mix of the fun elements of the original while catering to a specific audience. Basically, it’s just like you were in an imaginary place called the “Hollywood Virtual Arcade” and you are a star performing stunts and beating the bad guys. This is probably one of the most popular versions of the Arcade Rabbit Apk that you’ll find for Android devices.

Complete scoreboards

The second version of the mod which is available for free on the Google play app is a bit more realistic and even includes the complete scoreboards so you can see who performed better during the battle.

Destroying bullets

Some of the dynamic gameplay included are bouncing blocks, destroying bullets, using the touch screen for movement, and shooting. The story behind the Arcade Rabbit Apk is extremely exciting and full of mystery which is why it’s been downloaded millions of times and loved by every gamer out there.

Control of animals

The most interesting part of the Arcade Rabbit apk mod is the two different endings where you get to take control of animals and have them attack your enemies one by one. One of them has the cute little bunny rabbit swinging the sword like she was made out of paper while the other has the evil lion chasing you.

The sword really

These two endings really make the game worth playing and if you were confused as to what you should do at certain points in the game, then they help a lot. I especially liked the ending where you get to use the bunny sword against the enemy lion. The sword really cuts through their thick armor and is very effective.


I think it’s important for every mobile game that is created to feature great graphics to be able to grab the attention of players right away. Even in the case of an Arcade Rabbit mod, that’s exactly what is happening. Players are drawn to the amazing action and beautiful graphics of the game because of the simple but addictive gameplay.

The bottom line is that this mod is just that, a great game for mobile devices with its unique storyline and awesome action. I recommend it highly to anyone who loves adventure and crazy action games.

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