Apowermirror Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features For Window 10/8/7]

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Are you frustrated with the small screen of your smartphone? Do you want to view an entire movie or video on a large television screen? All of your desires are possible by using the powermirror Mod Apk. It’s a mirroring screen app that allows you to reflect the screens of either an iPhone or Android phone to the TV in your home.

Apowermirror Mod Apk

Movies on large screens are the preferred choice of many people. However, what happens if your preferred movie is streaming from your phone? This issue can be addressed by mirroring the mobile’s screen to your television.

This is precisely what this app does. It mirrors the screen of your phone to the television. The only thing you have to know before performing this action is that the smartphone and TV must be on the same wifi otherwise, it won’t work.

Not just movies, but you can also use and control your mobile on the television. Beyond watching films, you can also share your screen and also share the action of the game that you are playing with other people who are in your room.

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Furthermore, you can browse the web pages on your mobile phone and then view them on the large screen of your TV after mirroring your screen with the Apowermirror Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Size 50MB
Installs 10,000,000+
Current Version 1.7.52
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Rating 4+
Updated on May 1, 2022
Category Tools
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The possibilities that come with the possibilities of the Apowermirror Mod Apk are limitless. You can accomplish anything using it on your smartphone and TV. If you own an intelligent TV, or smartphone with reliable internet, you’re in good shape.

You can read E-books on the large screen of your television. Additionally, you can play videos via your mobile phone, and then you can view them on the large screen for even more entertainment. You could also play a game and then show it to your loved ones in the living room, on the bug screen on your TV.


The functions offered by the Apowermirror Mod Apk are explained below.

Mirror The Screen

Mirror the mobile screen on your TV via this application. The exact screen will be displayed on your TV’s screen so that you can watch the contents on the larger TV screen.

Watch Movies

One reason why you mirror your mobile screen onto the TV is that you’d like to watch your favorite films on a bigger screen. This can be done with this application. You can view all your films on your phone on the television.

Gameplay Sharing

If you’re a person who enjoys games on their mobile phones and you and your family members or those in your room want to watch how you play it is possible to do this for them with ease. All you have to do is connect your screen for gaming with your television so that everyone can see the game you are playing.


You can also create presentations with this application. The only thing you need to do is mirror the screen of your phone to your television and then open your presentation on your mobile. After that, you can display it to all on the big screen of your TV.

Browse The Internet

You can also surf the web using your phone, and view your results displayed on a larger screen, after mirroring it. You will be able to browse websites and read articles on the larger screen of your television.


If you’re interested in viewing the content on your smartphone on the huge TV screen and you’re not sure where to start, Powermirror Mod Apk can solve your problem by mirroring the phone’s screen onto your TV device. Download the app and then enjoy it.

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