Apex Legends APK (MOD Features Unlimited Energy and Gold)

Apex Legends is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that has been released in the Korean Region. The story behind the game is about a boy who awakened from a cryogenic sleep, and was trapped into an alternate world called the Apex.

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Apex Legends

There are several other characters along with monsters prowling around the outer regions, where Apex Legends was supposed to be the rightful ruler. Apex Legends was planned to be the very first of several games based on the Apex universe, but publisher Nethebryung decided to shelve it when the game hit the world wide stage.


Unique Attributes

There are a total of 8 characters in Apex Legends, each endowed with their own unique attributes and equipment. Since, you won’t get the luxury of contemplating it for very long, an outer virtual world called “the Abyss” will constrict around you to lessen a bit more your preoccupied area of battles, with the number of available players being around 20.


Each character in the game is also sporting their own set of weapons and equipments as well as special attack and defense skills that are designed to fit them. These are the real “Apex Legends” secrets that the developers are keeping from us, but we can surely expect much more updates and changes in the months and years ahead. Apex Legends was released by NCsoft Korea, and is now popular in South Korea and Australia.

Fall in Love

If you love shooting games with a little bit of strategy involved, then you will most certainly fall in love with this new take on a classic arena-type battle royale shooter. Although the graphics may look a tad outdated and a bit less than life like, the overall content and storyline is very entertaining and definitely worthy of its time and money. So here are some of the tips on how to improve your gameplay experience with Apex Legends:

Machine Guns

Each player has their own set of weapons and armors in this skirmish-based shooting-game. The player can switch between them at any given moment to create a customized playing style. As for the characters in the Apex Legends, there are four classes namely, sniper rifles, heavy arms, machine guns, and energy weapons. There are other limited character select options available but they are only for advanced players who are willing to put in the extra effort to learn the different methods of using and mastering the abilities of their chosen character.


Since, this is an online-shootout game, the players need to be up to speed on the topography of each level and the nature of each type of terrain. The maps here are destructible, and players can use a variety of tools and gadgets to destroy their enemies. Each character has unique abilities, and players can mix and match these abilities to see which ones are the most effective against the other. Players can also download the Apex Legends apk file from the Android Market to get access to the advanced features of their chosen characters in the game.

Lizard Rage

Apex Legends has an all-out war between the wicked dragon Crank and the good lizard Rage. The two evil kings were locked in a never ending battle on another world called the Nexus when the dragon transformed into an unstoppable force of destruction.

Legendary Powers

Crank used his legendary powers to transform his head into that of a dragon, so that he could communicate with the good lizard. Rage then tried to stop Crank by himself, but was defeated by the hero. The two legendary characters will finally join forces to face off on the Apex Legends battlegrounds, and the gamers have a chance to prove who is the true champion.

Save the Earth

In order to save the earth from Apex Legends Crank transformed into a dragon and started to wipe out all life in sight. The good lizard decided to download the Apex Legends apk and find the strength to fight back. But both dragons were badly defeated and now the battle continues on the Apex Legends battlegrounds.

Apex Legends Apk

The players can download the Apex Legends apk file from the Android Market and enjoy the full version of this exciting game. The fantastic features of the game like the spectacular 3D graphics will make your gaming experience a real joy to behold.

Stunning Graphics

The excellent action, stunning graphics and high tech interface of the game have made it a huge hit with gamers around the world. The battle arena of Apex Legends has many exciting maps including the amazing caves, snow capped mountains, dark forests and underground labors where gamers feel as if they are part of the action.


The battle in the game is totally dynamic, which means that you will never be stuck in one spot for long. Each of the six different game modes in the game has its own thrill. The Apex Legends has many exciting levels including the prison, arena and bosses where the players have to go through the levels using different strategies in each of them to kill the bosses and win the game.


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