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Antarctica 88: Scary Zombie Funky Text Adventure Game. In this scary adventure mode, players are placed in Antarctica, which is probably one of the most terrifying locations with the hardest game modes in the game. Here, you’ll be engulfed in a gore-filled sci-fi tale and a very intense zombie experience.

Antarctica 88

From your perspective, it’s possible to shoot zombies all over the place, while fighting them off with a shotgun. It’s also possible to fight other survivors who have made their way to the Antarctica base. This mode is a bit more difficult compared to other modes, which means that you should use your brain rather than your brawn.

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However, if you have played any of the previous versions of the Antarctica 88 series, then you know that all of these are nothing but the same content with new graphics and better overall controls. The thing about this game is that it really pushes the boundaries of reality by allowing you to literally step into the shoes of a dead scientist and a dead Antarctica expedition member.

Extremely Tough

The zombies are extremely tough, as you might expect, but the features of this game go beyond the gore and blood, as there is also a lot of eerie sound effects and real 3D graphics. While it’s possible to learn the basics of this survival game, what I recommend you do is actually try to figure out some of its secrets, because after all, this is a horror game.

Dark Fiction

If you like dark fiction and zombie games that are just straightforward horror stories, then you’ll love Antarctica 88. You play the role of Jack Lemaig, an Antarctica research scientist who has been sent to this strange new world to research its frozen climate. Along the way, he also gets to meet with a whole bunch of other characters, including some new people that he meets in his journey:

an American and British lady who is on the verge of conquering Australia, a German soldier that survived the Wermacht, and even an ancient Chinese woman. It is your job to help them complete their mission and prevent the world from ending. And since you’re the one that is left, you have to find out what the truth is behind this disaster.

Hidden Object

Antarctica 88 has received many accolades from critics and gamers. They call it an atmospheric, suspenseful, hidden object adventure that packs more twists and turns than what we would normally expect in a horror game. In fact, there are so many things to discover in this exciting adventure, you could easily spend a week or two just learning about everything that is offered in Antarctica 88.

Aside from its gripping storyline and well-thought-out puzzles, this game also has some great sound effects, stylish graphics, and truly scary monsters that will definitely keep you hooked from start to finish.

Many people have compared Antarctica 88 with previous horror games released on PC and other consoles. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look beyond these comparisons. There are actually many differences between the old and the new, and the difference lies in the atmosphere and its storyline.

More Realistic

While there isn’t much difference when it comes to the storyline and scenes, the atmosphere is entirely different. The visuals are more realistic and the sounds are more thrilling, making it feel like you’re really in the middle of a real episode of Doctor Who, or similar genre shows.

Antarctica 88 modifies the traditional adventure genre by mixing action with adventure and hidden object scenes. The heroine, Kate, is required to investigate strange signals emanating from an ice-rich area while also trying to find out why a massive German ship has anchored in Antarctica.

On her journey, Kate comes across several strange artifacts along the way which strongly suggest that the mysterious German ship may be an ancient android of some sort. As you continue your trek, you also come across various animals along the way that is also frozen in an unnatural state, and they are your first victims as you make your way through the mystery of the place.

Research Vessel

After Kate makes it safely back to the grounded research vessel, she must fight her way through the remaining monsters in order to reach the lab where Doctor Strauss is being held captive. Although the place looks like a real laboratory, the fact is that the only person living inside it is the monster itself, and it is responsible for all the damage around the facility.

Once inside, Kate must fight her way through the lab and rescue Doctor Strauss before the facility is drained of all life. Although Antarctica 88 bears a resemblance to many other scary survival horror games, the atmosphere is decidedly more lighthearted, which makes the game more enjoyable for all ages.

Spend Any Money

The Antarctica 88 Android game can be played for free on Google Play, so you won’t have to spend any money in order to enjoy it. However, you can also purchase the iPhone version of the game in order to take advantage of all of the added features, including the introduction video, score tracking, online player leaderboards, achievements, and much more.

The price for the iPhone version of the game is quite a lot more expensive than the free version, so if you think you’ll find the challenges of the game worth the purchase, I would definitely recommend obtaining the iPhone version in order to continue enjoying the fantastic gameplay throughout each level of gameplay.


The iPhone version has a lot more content than the Android version, so it might make sense to purchase the iPhone in order to fully enjoy the game overall. Overall, I would recommend both versions of Antarctica 88, and they are both great options for anyone who enjoys an adventure or horror game that requires some thought as you work to survive.

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