Angry Granny Smash Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Smash)

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If you want to play an angrier, slightly more violent version of Pokemon FireRed, you can try Angry Granny Smash for your gaming needs. This game allows you to take on the role of a Granny who lives in the world where Pokemon reside. The goal of this game is to help your Granny beat all the trainers at her level. As a result, she becomes the new champion. Here’s how you do it.

Angry Granny Smash

Angry Granny Smash has received a lot of criticism from some Android gamers for a few reasons. Some think it lacks quality. However, the developers have given users the opportunity to play the game the way they want to, and that’s the key to making money with apps.

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If you love Pokemon, but don’t want to follow the norm by playing it the typical way, Angry Granny Smash offers a unique take on the gameplay to keep you interested while still providing you with hours of entertainment.

As a demonstration of how customizable your experience can be, you can personalize your Granny’s appearance just the way you want it. There are two different ways to get the Angry Granny Smash apk file: either through the Android Market or directly through the official Google Play app.


Your choice will affect which features and extras you get. For example, the Android Market version lets you choose whether you want to unlock all the features or just a couple of them. You can also change the difficulty level, which will make everything a little bit easier or harder.

To use Angry Granny Smash, you simply download the apk file and install it on your smartphone. Then, you can log in to your Google account and start enjoying the game right away. Just like any other android app, Angry Granny Smash has a series of menus and sub-menus to help you play.

The basic game functions the same way as any other flash game, so you’ll know right away if you’re playing an actual game or just an imitation. This is especially helpful if you have limited skills or knowledge of Android applications in general.

Purchase Angry Granny

To unlock all the levels, you will need to purchase Angry Granny Smash for a price of $2.99. This gives you access to all the features and extras, but it also means you have to buy the separate Angry Granny Smash emulators.

Although they aren’t that expensive, you’ll spend several dollars on these to be able to experience everything this app has to offer. After you’ve purchased all the necessary stuff, however, you can continue playing from anywhere using your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if you have a laptop on standby because it works with any modern computer with an internet connection.

As an example, one of the coolest features of Angry Granny Smash is its online practice mode. In this mode, you can take a lot of time to hone your skills and learn new tricks, instead of wasting your time on single-player modes where you only get to practice one move. Online play mode is split up into levels, and each level comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

Practice Mode

By leveling up in the online practice mode, you are able to unlock new moves and items for your character. That’s why the online game is quite fun playing alone as well as with a friend – you can both work on mastering different moves and level up simultaneously.

You can also purchase Angry Granny Smash through the Google Play Store. It is not, however, compatible with the official Google Play app, which means that you can’t actually download smash games from the Google Play Store to use on your smartphone.

Instead, you have to use a third-party download manager. This is quite an alright function, considering the fact that you don’t really need the app anyway – it’s just a hassle to download it every time you want to play a new game.


The primary game mode of Angry Granny Smash is Story. You will be taken through a number of exciting scenes as you try to save an aging old woman named Madame Pompi. When you are playing as the good guys, you will help her get away from an abusive former master.

While being attacked by the bad guys, she managed to unleash her full strength, killing them all except one. You’ll also be introduced to some other characters during the course of the game, who you can join up with when you feel the need to team up.

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