Angry Gran Run Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins)

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The Angry Granite Run is the mod based on the famous escape based puzzle of Temple run but adds lots of innovative ideas and choices which really make the game engaging for the users. The game revolves around an angry granny who’s trying to get out of the psychiatric institute on wheels. To reach the target, she has to overcome a number of obstacles like collapsing bridges, spikes, spiders, traps and many more to get to the target area. However, if the granny does not know how to proceed, she may meet an accident along the way and has to be rescued from the bottom of the valley.

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Angry Gran Run

The basic idea behind this game is that of platformer where the player has to avoid platforms and the angry granules in order to reach the goal area. The player has to use different techniques to clear all the obstacles and earn points. The objective is to clear all the levels using different strategies and earning coins along the way. The Angry Granite Run is free to play on the Android devices only.

Crazy Thickets

The whole concept of this game is about a granny trapped on the Crazy Thickets. The goal of this game is to help her escape by means of various challenges in the Angry Granite Run. Some of these are rescuing animals, avoiding obstacles on the streets, getting the key to the facility without being detected etc.

Target area

There are few simple yet mind-boggling objectives in the Angry Granite Run. To start with, you just have to reach the end of the level by collecting all the coins. After you complete every level, the target area will change and new objectives will appear. New points are earned by collecting objects in certain areas and destroying enemies or even liberating animals. You also get to earn new points when you destroy all the enemies on an level.

Different cities

The objectives change each time you play the mad gran up mod and it is very much different from the basic platformer. The basic objective is still to get to the bottom and earn extra coins while avoiding the angry particles. The objective is different in the Angry Granite Run. New objectives appear as the game progress. The new objectives involve conquering different cities to collect new items and earn new points to move to the next level.

3D effects

The Angry Granite Run uses the flash engine to support the 3D effects. The city you are running to is realistically drawn as it is on your device screen. It has also been designed to be user friendly. The game has an interface similar to the navigation buttons of your Android phone. You can use the arrow keys to control your primary character and the mouse to guide her through the crowded streets.

Download Angry Granite Run

The game consists of eight levels including the final one. The Angry Granite Run has been made for tablets with screen resolution below 400 dpi. If you have a high-end tablet PC you can also try the Angry Granite Run on the web. To play the game, you need to download Angry Granite Run to your computer and transfer it to the tablet PC via USB cable. Some people may find it more convenient to use the web browser in order to access the Angry Granite Run.


This Angry Birds game is one of the best-selling games on Google Play. You can buy Angry Birds games from the Google Play Store. If you already have an account on the Play Store, simply search for Angry Birds on the left side menu of the Play Store and you will see a list of games that are currently available for free download. To download Angry Granite Run on Android, just search for Angry Granite Run on Google Play and it will automatically be offered as a new installation for your device. Happy gaming.

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