Angry Gran Run Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins)

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Another exciting adventure of Angry Gran occurs in Mexico. Different objects to avoid while playing. Different coins to collect can be later used for power-ups and costumes. Different missions to complete as well. It’s a lot of fun. I like this game very much.

This game is a remake of the arcade game ” Angry Gran”, a well-known flash game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The same scenario, same locations but everything has been redone, changed to granny’s point of view. You are locked away from the rest of the world, a Granny who has lost her memories.

You have to find out what happened and why unlock her back door and escape. You help her remember by collecting missing items and solving riddles while avoiding the guards, who want to retrieve her before you can leave.

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Angry Gran Run

Similar to the first part of the game, you are back in the mainframe with a new mission. In this mission, find the lost granny and deliver her back to the house before the guards do. Again, use the Angry Gran Run to get through the levels without getting hit by the many flying coins. Try not to get hit by the spiked balls on the ground or else you will have a hard time escaping from the house.

Angry Gran Run Features

Like many games that are similar to Angry Birds, the Angry Gran Run features a different control scheme. Rather than using the touch screen, use your keyboard buttons to control the character. The fast pace and action of this Angry gaming app are what attract many players to it. While playing, you can avoid the guards by running into a secret entrance. There are many secret areas to explore in this fun app.

Pleasant Music

One thing you should know about Angry Gran Run is that it doesn’t have very pleasant music that you would likely enjoy. The sound effects are not very nice either. That is the reason why this Angry gaming app might not be suitable for children. However, it is not bad as all apps on Facebook are. You will surely enjoy this entertaining running game if you like fun and fast gaming.

Simple Layout

What makes Angry Gran Run stand out from the crowd is that it has a simple layout, which makes it easy to learn and play. It’s not the kind of game that will make you go wow, although the graphics might add to its appeal. It just features enough content to keep you busy, without giving you unnecessary amounts of content that would cause boredom.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily escape from the guards in this game, so you can continue to enjoy the rest of the game. In addition, it doesn’t take too long to get over the learning curve, which is another big plus.


The controls in Angry Gran Run are simple, as they appear to be a mixture of the mouse and keyboard. This means that you can easily get the hang of them as you go along. The arrow keys are used to move the selected character in the selected level, while the Z and X are used to zoom or move the camera.

It also comes with a powerup menu, where you can choose between stars, powerups, diamonds, and coins. Powerups are not very difficult to collect, but you need to pay close attention to them, as they can quickly turn the tide of the game.


If you like playing flash-based apps, then you will definitely love Angry Gran Run. From the first few seconds when you see the game load up, you will get an idea of how addictive the whole concept is. Once you begin playing the game, you won’t want to stop. Play Angry Gran Run for free and escape the grips of the asylum.

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