Angry Birds Journey Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Gems)

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Angry Birds is a popular game, originally intended for mobile phones and now available on the iTunes App Store. This game is very popular with both young and old alike, due to its cute appearance and its exciting gameplay. If you’ve been searching for a game that’s just as fun to play, Angry Birds can be the game for you. In this article I’ll discuss the Angry Birds Journey Apk Features and whether or not it’s worth the purchase.

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Angry Birds Journey Apk

First, let’s look at the Angry Birds Journey Apk. Angry Birds Journey features a brand new version of Angry Birds that has been rebuilt from scratch with the Google Android ecosystem in mind. The new version is much more streamlined, and offers an enhanced level of satisfaction and achievements.

Angry Birds

With Angry Birds Journey you can build your own Angry Birds and watch them travel through various levels. While this game is not the most engaging when it comes to pure gaming satisfaction (I felt that it was actually more of an exercise in frustration) it does feel free and like it fits better with the overall Angry Birds experience.

Unique Aspects

The overall design of Angry Birds Journey is well done. There are many unique aspects to Angry Birds Journey, including the unlockable secret area ‘The Forest’, which provides players with an exciting tutorial in-game.

Further to this, the various levels of the mini-games available are designed very well, with different themes and settings that really make them all worthwhile. Some levels even feature a “loot crate” element, where items inside the crate can be collected by clicking on them.

Gameplay Mechanics

The real draw to Angry Birds Journey is its fresh gameplay mechanics. Unlike the games before, where the objective was only to eliminate birds, in Angry Birds Journey the gameplay is far more dynamic and challenging.

Whilst the game does still allow for basic and simple goals, there is also an element within the game that gives the player a great deal of freedom. This is seen in the different play styles that are offered, with the different methods of progression and challenge.

Innovative Features

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of Angry Birds Journey is the addition of touch screen controls. The in-game icons give gamers access to a variety of handy functions, such as rotating the bird and tapping different buttons to change its course.

The screen is beautifully animated, adding a nice degree of interactivity to the game. Combined with the brightly coloured visuals, and fun character designs, Angry Birds Journey has a lot to offer mobile gamers.

Important Aspects

One of the most important aspects of Angry Birds Journey is its mod support. Designed by the award winning development company Ambit, the Angry Birds Journey mod apk is one of the most popular and functional of all Angry Birds merchandise available for sale.

Project Progresses

There are thousands of user submitted videos, giving you the opportunity to see the most creative side of the Angry Birds universe. Ambit itself has several well known developers working for them, and you can expect to see an increase in the quality of content as the project progresses.


The power ups and skills gained while playing Angry Birds also support the gameplay. Each level includes a number of power ups which can be used to extend the life and complexity of your game.

These power ups can be bought in the in-game marketplace, or you can earn them by purchasing the power ups and spending time practicing various skills. One of the most useful power ups is the power up called the energy booster, which allows you to collect lots of eggs, which in turn can provide you with power ups.


In conclusion, Angry Birds Journey offers mobile gamers a unique and engaging gameplay. Due to the highly popular characters featured, there is a lot of interactivity between the gamer and Angry Birds. The graphics are vibrant and detailed, while providing a high frame rate for smooth gameplay. Plus, there are a number of power ups available to improve your gameplay experience. In terms of its sales, the game is not as big a success as some of its competitors, but nevertheless it is still a very popular download among Angry Birds players.

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