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Here s a brand new puzzle game to play on your mobile phone! Download Amplify and Charge for free ( MOD, New Version) for Android. Amplify and Charge is a simple application which imitates the classic game of Rock Band. The unique feature of Amplify and Charge is that you can’Charge’ songs by using the headphones provided with your phone.

This is a high octane, over all rock soundtrack designed to rock all the players. Your mission is to find a harmonious blend of chords which will unlock the mystery of the world’s most wanted secret… Unlimited Power! This innovative and easy to play puzzle game Amplify and Charge apk download gives you unlimited music making pleasure for a life time.

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Amplify and Charge Apk

Enjoy playing Amplify and Charge by downloading free mod kits available from Google Play Store. These are simple to install and play and are suitable for both touch screen and regular screens. One of these kits includes the pack of sounds called ‘Chase’, ‘FX’, ‘istant’, ‘Reckoning’, ‘Drift’, ‘Chase’ and ‘Intruder’. Other exciting packs include ‘Dawn’, ‘Metalhead’, ‘Wishbone’, ‘Kludge’, ‘Bass Monkey’, ‘Paranoid Valley’, ‘Ragdoll’, ‘Dawn of Machines’, ‘Viper’, ‘Reptile’, ‘Droid’, ‘Prodigy’, ‘Chase’ and ‘Prodigy II’. Each pack contains five unique and powerful songs which give you endless hours of excitement.

Charge Apk Mod

To get hold of Amplify and Charge apk mod kit simply search’Amplify and Charge ‘on Google Play Store’. You will get a list of sites offering these exciting freebies. After selecting a site you can download it by scanning the download link provided on the page. It is very simple and safe to download these apps as they are signed by Google. You don’t have to worry about any virus or spyware as these apps are 100% safe to download and use.

With Amplify and Charge apk download you can easily make money online. This is one of the most lucrative and successful apps which has been launched recently. The main concept of this application is to basically allow you to make money through different methods. It is an internet application which enables you to make unlimited money with no limit. You just need to apply the amplifier and the cash will be sent to your account within hours.

Android Platform

Amplify and Charge apk download allows you to create, share and market music based applications in the android platform. You can create your own music apps by using Amplify and Charge music maker that offers a total creative freedom on how to design the music player. This music player can easily convert your personal songs or audio into profitable revenue streams.

Once you create your own music player and transfer your music from PC to your mobile device then your application will start raking in money. Your Amplify and Charge music creation application will also allow you to generate leads and sales for other people’s products or services.

Charge Apk Download

When you purchase the Amplify and Charge apk download you can expect to immediately receive the application within 7 working days. Within the package you will find the complete set of tools required to launch your own music product. There are five levels of advance tones that enable you to customize your sound tracks. You will also be able to get your own unique ringtones for your phone that you will never be able to duplicate. This mod apk download is easy to install and compatible with all popular android phones.


The mod allows you to make your very own sound tracks by simply recording your voice and then playing it back in the background of your favorite songs. This enables you to generate music for your own private studio as well as for public consumption. It is not possible for you to do this with most other audio programs. You can even charge your phone via micro-transactions. Amplify and Charge is simple yet very effective and is definitely a must buy.

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