AMAZE APK (Mod Features Free Premium)

What is AMAZE? AMAZE is an exciting free Android app for all mobile users which enables you to immerse you in the wonderful world of online gaming. With the most amazing graphics and amazingly gripping gameplay, you’ll find it hard pressed not to sink your teeth into this fun little game. Like the name suggests, it’s a game within a game, and you’ll have the time of your life exploring everything that AMAZE has to offer.


AMAZE: Airscape is an easy-to-use, yet visually arresting and highly-immersive version of a real-world traveling environment. You’ll find yourself navigating through an entirely new world as you make your way through all of the major cities around the United States.

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Realistic Backgrounds

With realistic backgrounds and awe-inspiring set pieces, every moment in this exciting game is like stepping into a different world. With a great selection of over 50 unique locations to explore and exciting challenges along the way, you’re sure to stay thoroughly entertained as you learn more about each new location you visit.

Professional Design

The amazing thing about AMAZE is that it’s designed to work seamlessly with any sort of android device, including the brand-new SIRIUS 4.4 smartphone. It also utilizes the newest Android apps, namely mods, to help bring the full power of professional design tools to your phone.

Paid Apps

If you don’t like the thought of using a lot of paid apps to enhance and add to the experience, then you’re in luck, because there are a number of “free” or “lite” versions available which allow you to experience what AMaze is all about, for free. Here are some of our favorites…

Great Reviews

AMAZE – This mod has received great reviews, so you know you’re getting the real deal when you download this one. It adds quite a few amazing features and extras to the already excellent program. You can also get premium features if you spend just a bit more on the regular version.

AMAZE Website

For example, you can use your SIRIUS phone to access the map on the AMAZE website, so you can explore the North American continent from a whole new perspective. Plus, other cool stuff like “magical effects graphics,” “wind noises,” and a whole bunch more can be yours if you spend just a bit more money.


APM HD – While this isn’t technically a mod, we wanted to include it here because it’s such a popular one. It doesn’t actually add anything to the main program, but it’s still a great addition to the millions of mod downloads that are available.

Amazing Benefits

What makes APM HD different is that it includes a wonderful “pro” mod that costs just $1. As a result, not only can you experience all the amazing benefits of the “Pro” version, but you can also use everything in the “Free” version for free. That means a vast collection of tools, settings, and more, all for free. That’s a real win-win situation.

Popular Mod

AMAZE – This one is another very popular mod that costs nothing. However, what makes AMaze so great is that it includes some really nice, neat features and extras for free. For example, you can get the premium features from the Android app (including the magical effects graphic app), but you also get a free “Earth Quimbie” skin.

Earth Quimbie is actually one of the most complete and user-friendly Earth images out there, so it’s definitely worth grabbing for free. The quality of the skin is also top notch, which means that it’ll look fantastic on both your phone and tablet.


AMAZE PRO – If you want to experience all the benefits of an “HD” version of the program on a tablet, then this is the one for you. You get all the professional tools and settings from the “Free” version, plus a lot more. This version does not include the wonderful ” Magical Effects Graphic App” that the regular version of the program has.

This version also has a very helpful feature that will allow you to turn off the unnecessary features on your android device so that you don’t waste power and resources when they’re not absolutely necessary.


If you have enjoyed AMaze from the free version, but want to really blow it up and take it to the next level, then the “Pro” version of the program is for you. It also comes with tons of useful features such as the “HD” mode, a “Photo Editor,” an “idget Artist,” a “essler” and so many others. With so many great things packed into AMaze Pro, it’s easy to see why this has been one of the most popular apps all around!


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