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WhatsApp is an app that is used for calling and chatting. It is used by nearly everyone due to the convenience you can enjoy it. It is easy to sign up for an account using an existing phone number. It’s easy to sign up. AG WhatsApp is a modified version of the original application. It is important to note that AG2 Whatsapp is the most recent version, so don’t be confused. Both are similar to each other.

AG WhatsApp

A lot of people you be aware of are using WhatsApp. Most users use modified versions of this application. The reason for this is that modified versions offer more features than the standard app.

A modified version of Whatsapp is created by different developers under different names. Toady’s app isn’t distinct from different versions that have been modified. With this application, you are in complete control of choosing the ideal UI Theme according to your preferences.

In addition, with AG WhatsApp, you will be able to select the privacy and security choices. This app will give you more security and control of your personal information. It is possible to lock the app with your fingerprint.

Additionally, you can choose private settings that you can customize for specific contacts. The order of general chats, archived chats, and group chats are divided into different tabs to ensure you can feel comfortable and stay on top of your game.

Additional Information

Name AG Whatsapp
Version V25
Size 50MB
Required Android 4.4 and over
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 April 2022
Category Whatsapp
Get it on the PlayStore Not Available


MB WhatsApp Apk

ADWhatsApp Apk


Utilizing the AG WhatApp is not difficult in any way. The only thing you need to do is install the app and use it in the same way as you use the original WhatsApp. There is only one difference in the user interface, but it’s not really a major distinction as the majority of items can be organized in a superior way to the original application.

There’s a full theme store in this application with more than 1000 themes to choose from. The text can be bold or in any other style is also possible using this application. It is also possible to read deleted messages from your contacts in chats. If they delete a message, they do not delete it for you.


The capabilities of AG WhatsApp are described below.

Disable Forward Tag

With the latest update to WhatsApp that we have been using, every time we send a message, it displays a tag in the message. However, with this app when you forward a message, it is possible to take out the forward tag, and it won’t be displayed in the message.

Single Tick

With this app, you can another option that you can enable one tick. This means that no matter if the message has been sent to you, and you’ve been able to read the message, it’ll show a single tick the opposite aspect of the user who gave to you the email.

Lock Conversations

In the standard WhatsApp application, you could block the chats by archiving them. However, in this application, it is not only possible to archive chats but also to lock them and hide them to ensure that nobody can be able to see the chats. You can access them in secret and WhatsApp will not notify users of any new messages until you go to the private section on your own.

Change The Color Of The Bars

Offering you greater control of the application It allows users to alter the color of navigation bars, the header chats, and the areas of status according to their preferences and tastes.

Hide Contact Name

You can also block the name of the person you wish to hide from the chat. If you choose to do this, only the profile photo will be visible and the name field will remain empty.


If you’re looking for greater control over Whatsapp and its features, you should try This AG WhatsApp. It comes with a number of other features useful that I haven’t mentioned in the text above, including The ER WhatsApp. It is possible to access the entire list after installing the application. So don’t hesitate to download the app now.

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