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Every day we release the latest version of Whatsapp. There is no rivalry among these different versions, as they all come with interesting features. It’s just an issue of preference what one you would like to select. So, today I’m back with another that is called ADWhatsApp.

AD WhatsApp

After installing this ADWhatsApp Apk You will notice having more control over the things you do. You’ll have a variety of privacy and security options, along with a variety of different customizing options.

The app also has themes you can test out. In addition to applying a theme to the entire app, you are able to modify the interface in sections. This means that you can alter the style of emojis used in the app, as well as you can alter the style of the space where you write your messages.

Another fantastic feature that ADWhatsApp Apkhas has is its voice-changing feature. It’s true, the next time you create an audio message, you can change the voice by selecting another option the app offers.

Furthermore, you are able to alter your WhatsApp name. WhatsApp within the head. And you can also write your name. There are hundreds of themes for your app from the theme store on ADWhatsApp.

Additional Information

Version 8.60
Size 40MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 April 2022
Category Whatsapp
Get it on the Play Store` Not Available


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The fundamental operation of ADWhatsApp is similar to the app that comes with it. The only difference is that this application comes with additional options and features. Auto-replying is among the options that allow you to write a message and then the next time someone contacts you, they’ll be sent an automated message right away.

The most appealing thing about the application is that all the options it offers aren’t fixed, and you can switch the features off or on in accordance with your preferences. If you’re a fan of something, you can choose to use it, and if you don’t like it, you can switch it off.


The functions of ADWhatsApp are described below.

No Forward Tag

When we forward a message, it is accompanied by the forward tag. This tells the recipient that the message was not sent by us. However, you can disable this feature in the application so that the next time you send a message it will not carry that forward tag.


All the versions that have been modified include a theme store in which you can search for a variety of themes. With this app you will get the same feel and the same store. You can search easily for your preferred theme and then use it right away.

Message Scheduler

The ability to schedule your messages ahead of time is a wonderful thing. You can write your message, then set the delivery time and choose a single as well as multiple contacts. Therefore, regardless of which location you’re in, or whether you’re using the app, or not, the message will be delivered at the specified time to the contacts you have selected. This feature isn’t accessible on other mods, such as MB Whatsapp and ER Whatsapp.

UI Customization

In addition to applying themes, UI customization is offered in this application. It is possible to change the color of the app, and change the locations of different items. You can also remove the item you don’t like to see it.

Hide Media From Gallery

You can also select to display your files and images in the gallery, or not. The option is turned on-off or on. If you decide to turn off the option, your media is hidden, and not shown in the gallery.


If you’re looking to download ADWhatsApp app, it could prove to be one of the most useful apps you have installed on your smartphone. It’s superior in many aspects to the standard version of Whatsapp. It is a must to download it and discover the various features available with it.

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