Adventure Journey Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Play this fun bubble shooting arcade game had charming graphical designs with lovely animation, travel along the fine beautiful color land of Hallowe’en in your very own pumpkin carriage with exciting arcade game-play and amazing level design if you want smooth bubble shooting games, then Adventure Journey is just perfect game for you.

In Adventure Journey, you have whisked away to an exotic land where you are to find out who the mysterious magician is through his many tricks. The game starts with you standing on a platform with the help of an apple cart on which you are to roll your way to different places. Apart from that, you will also witness marvelous scenes of Halloween with creepy ornaments all around you.

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Adventure Journey Apk

You can also enjoy playing as Sam, a young boy who along with his faithful dog, goes on this exciting adventure. In this free game, your goal is to shoot all the invading witches that are appearing every few days in each level. However, when you are not shooting them, you must find out their secrets that are hidden all over the different stages of this exciting arcade game.

Play As Sam

To play as Sam, you have to use the provided peep-nosed peep-boo devices that are available at the marketplace to gain entry into the magical world of Adventure Journey. Apart from using these devices, you must also find out where these evil beings are coming from and use the provided magical traps to capture them.

These are the objectives that you must accomplish while playing Adventure Journey in the freezy forest. Apart from shooting the witches in the game, you will also have to face the angry Peep-nosed Squirrels as well as the Boom Crocodiles.


This is an all-new game in the arena of adventure journey where you do not have to rely on your special skills to achieve success. You can easily win over the game with the help of the basic facilities provided in the game such as the castle, the pyramids, the amulet and many other facilities that can be enjoyed in this wonderful adventure.

Forest Corporation

You will also need to enhance your knowledge on the history of the game that was developed by Forest Corporation for its Facebook platform. In this fresh release of Adventure Journey, you have to travel to ancient times and overcome the evil queen, Medusa. The scenario and story lines of this classic adventure are all set against the backdrop of Medusa’s famous bust.

Earlier Version

It has been completely revamped from the earlier version which was released in 2021. The game is built on the newly improved version of the hit buggy racing 2 apk. The game can be enjoyed in single player mode or in co-op mode with two players. The exciting and adventurous free adventure quest is set against the backdrop of Medusa’s famous bust.

If you are a fan of this classic and exciting adventure and if you want to experience the real life experience then Adventure Journey is the best choice for you.

The Adventure Mate

The Adventure Mate is yet another adventure game that can be enjoyed on the Google play store. It has been designed by Beenox who has created the stunning high definition graphics that make the game really attractive and captivating. The beautiful and appealing cartoon style graphics and the amazing 3D effects bring life to the game as it brings the fantasy theme in to life. The free version of the Adventure Mate has limited graphics and features.

Award Winning

The game has been re-done using the award winning technology of id Software. The new version of Adventure Mate has been rebuilt from the ground up using the Id Tech 5 engine. It features an all new amazing storyline, new spectacular graphics, new high definition graphics, and all the classic game modes and endings.

The game is built on the powerful and cutting edge technology that is used for creating the latest versions of games such as Google Android and IOS mobile devices. This has made the Adventure Mate a must have title in the Google play store.


The Adventure Journey: The Scorch Trials on the other hand is an amazing game that anyone can enjoy. The game has been remade using the newest technology with the latest graphics. This has made the game captivating and appealing to all players.

The free version of the game allows players to access all levels of the game but the pro version allows players to access all levels of the game after paying a nominal fee of $0.99. The main storyline revolves around a new mission given to you by the U.S forces. The mission is to rescue your friend who is being held prisoner in the detention camps.


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